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Knox County Civil War Veterans
Knox County, Nebraska

Contributed by Judy Carlson, 2002

Name Residence Company Battery-Vessel
or Regiment
From State of
Addington, Nathan Niobrara I 142 Vol. Indiana
Abrams, Cassino M. C Walnut I 38 Iowa
Allen, Simpson Center G 143 New York
Buhrow, John Center X 52 Missouri
Bolton, G. M. Bloomfield not listed 24 Iowa
Butzarr, John Center not listed 2 Ohio
Campbell, N. G. Crofton I 15 Vol. New York
Cash, Rubin Niobrara First not listed New York
Carter, J. M. Crofton H 16 Vol. Iowa
Cunningham, B. Bloomfield K 19 Indiana
Cooper, E. A. Bloomfield not listed 6 Indiana
Dolphin, John Bloomfield E 30 Wisconsin
Dowling, Dan Creighton L 2 Iowa
Day, A. V. Creighton H 26 Iowa
Foster, J. C. Creighton E 26 Iowa
Finkle, R. R. Creighton H 15 Illinois
Gillett, N. N. Creighton I 5 Vermont
Hilton, J. M. Bloomfield K 26 Wisconsin
Haskins, E. R. Creighton F 11 Wisconsin
Hildreth, John W. Creighton F 20 Iowa
Kinch, L. Creighton L 56 Vol. New York
Kimball, H. J. Creighton B 1 Maine
Kelley, A. J. Creighton A 18 Vol. Connecticut
Launer, E. Bloomfield B 202 Vol. Pennsylvania
Luckert, John C. Bloomfield K 146 New York
Lyon, C. A Winnetoon H 18 Iowa
Lovelett W. F. Creighton K 139 Illinois
McFarland, Sam Creighton E 46 vol. Iowa
Maxwell, M. C. Creighton I 19 Indiana
Newell, Wm. Verdel I 11 Minnesota
Pease, W. H. Niobrara C 6 Wisconsin
Pangburn, C. D. Creighton H 88 Illinois
Parkhurst, Chas. A Creighton G 9 Cav. Illinois
Rager, W. M. Bloomfield G 103 Pennsylvania
Strain, David M. Niobrara B 15 Iowa
Sweet, C. A. Creighton K 2 Cav. New York
Thomas, J. C. Verdel F&C 41 & 37 Wisconsin
Wilson, S. J. Bloomfield F 22 Pennsylvania
Webber, W. C. Creighton H 20 Iowa
Young, B. J. Santee E 6 Minnesota

Below is the dates of birth and death, plus the burial place for some of the individuals listed above. It was compiled from separate records that were not part of the original list.

Burial Place
Addington, Nathan unknown unknown unknown
Abrams, Cassino M. C. unknown unknown unknown
Allen, Simpson 1842 1928 Cedar Hill Cemetery, Bazile Mills
Buhrow, John unknown unknown Frankfort Cemetery, near Crofton
Bolton, G. M. 1841 1918 Original Cemetery, Bloomfield
Butzarr, John unknown unknown Cedar Hill Cemetery, Bazile Mills
Campbell, N. G. (Nelson) 1846 1925 Crofton City Cemetery
Cash, Rubin 1836 1915 L'Eau Qui Court Cemetery, Niobrara
Carter, J. M. (John) unknown unknown Crofton City Cemetery
Cunningham, B. unknown unknown unknown
Cooper, E. A. unknown unknown unknown
Dolphin, John 1842 1922 Original Cemetery Bloomfield
Dowling, Dan 1846 unreadable St. Ludgers Cemetery, Creighton
Day, A. V. unknown unknown unknown
Foster, J. C. (John) unknown unknown Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Finkle, R. R. (Robert) unknown unknown Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Gillett, N. N. unknown unknown unknown
Hilton, J. M. (John) 1845 1917 Original Cemetery, Bloomfield
Haskin, E. R. (Edwin) 1846 1921 Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Hildreth, John W. 1845 1930 Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Kinch, L. unknown unknown unknown
Kimball, H. J. (Henry) unknown unknown Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Kelley, A. J. (Andrew) 1835 1918 Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Lauver, E (Ephraim) 1838 1926 Original Cemetery, Bloomfield
Luckert, John C. 1842 1923 Original Cemetery, Bloomfield
Lyon, C. A. unknown unknown unknown
Lovelett, W. F. (William) unknown unknown Rose Hill Cemetery, Creighton
McFarland, Sam unknown unknown Rose Hill Cemetery, Creighton
Maxwell, M. C. unknown unknown unknown
Newell, Wm. unknown unknown unknown
Olmstead, David D. 1835 1899 Ponca Valley Cemetery, Verdel
Pease, W. H. (William) 1842 1922 L'Eau Qui Court Cemetery, Niobrara
Pangburn, C. D. (Charles) 1846 1934 Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Parkhurst, Chas. A. 1834 1924 Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Rager, W. M. unknown unknown unknown
Stache, Gideon 26 Apr 1845 7 Sep 1925 Winnetoon Cemetery, Winnetoon
Strain, David M. 1840 1925 L'Eau Qui Court Cemetery, Niobrara
Sweet, C. V. (Charles) 1848 1923 Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Thomas, J. C. unknown unknown unknown
Wilson, S. J. (Samuel) 1833 1917 Original Cemetery, Bloomfield
Webber, W. C. 1840 unknown Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton
Young, B. J. unknown unknown unknown