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Probate Record Index
Knox County, Nebraska

Files at the courthouse-Center, NE
Contributed by Judy Carlson, 2000

This site is under construction. At this time, 20 February 2004, we begin with the letters A and B.
As the work progresses files will be added corresponding to the first letter of the surname of interest.
Just click the letter of the name you are looking for.

A | B

Name Record Type Record Number
Aaberg, Knudt K. Probate 115
Abbenhaus, Francis B. Probate 84-17-228
Abbenhaus, Frank A. Probate 5080
Abbenhaus, Leonard Probate 7495
Abbenhaus, Margaret Probate 5156
Abbott, George W. Probate 16-636
Abbott, Lloyd W. Probate 5573
Abbott, Ramona M. Probate PR-91-64
Abraham, Agnes Goodteacher Probate 2253
Abraham, Paul Probate 1080
Abrams, Betsy & Helena Guardianship 394
Abrams, Horace Probate 794
Achenbach, Albert S. Probate 1698
Achenbach, Henry Probate 2269
Achenbach, Stella J. Probate 3697
Acklie, Acea Probate 6284
Adams, Francis I. Probate 16-292
Adams, Frank Probate 2453
Adams, Grant M. Incompetency 3732
Adams, Harvey Probate PR-92-40
Adams, Joel W.S. Probate 2033
Adams, John Edward Incompetency 3439
Adams, Lucy J. Probate 718
Adams, Perry O. Probate 16-213
Adams, Perry O. & Frances I. Conservatorship 7658
Adams, Samuel Probate 2103
Agler, George A. Incompetency 5478
Ahlman, William Probate 1187
Ahlmann, Wilhelmina Probate 5113
Ahlstrand, Swan E. Probate 1542
Ahrens, August Probate 1030
Ake, Jacob Probate 166
Albin, Arda Probate 2021
Albrecht, Arthur Probate 7816
Alder, Helen M. Probate 7759
Alder, Ira J. Probate 2050
Alexander, Anne Probate PR-97-19
Alexander, Faie Determine inheritance tax PR-00-25
Alexander, George Probate 5991
Alexander, Julia Guardianship 6791
Alexander, Julia Probate 6808
Allen, Agatha Probate 216
Allen, Elizabeth Probate 1441
Allen, Elizabeth Probate 3451
Allen, George J. Probate 2952
Allen, George J. Probate 3450
Allen, Gerald W. Probate PR-94-22
Allen, Louise A. Probate PR-94-23
Allen, Simpson Probate 2360
Allen, Simpson Probate 2420
Allen, Tami Conservatorship PR-86-71
Allen, William A. Probate 814
Alton, Emili H. Probate 1638
Alward, Florence Incompetency 1285
Ames, Cecil Raymond Probate 1871
Amick, Francis O. Guardianship 16-259
Anders, Amanda M. Probate PR-99-2
Anders, Clarence H. Probate 6571
Anders, Elva Probate 7599
Anders, Fannie Travis Probate 3837
Anders, Fred Probate 2111
Anders, H. Probate 2715
Anders, Hanna Probate 2581
Anders, Hannah Probate 568
Anders, Irene A. Probate 85-17-308
Anders, Louie F. Probate PR-92-52
Anders, Louise B. Probate PR-95-20
Anders, William M. Probate PR-99-34
Andersen, Aksel Probate 7168
Andersen, Chris Conservatorship 16-242
Andersen, Ida S. Probate 7846
Andersen, Jens Conservatorship 16-241
Andersen, Lars Conservatorship 16-243
Andersen, Matt Conservatorship PR-87-40
Andersen, Mildred C. Probate 16-461
Andersen, Vera Probate PR-00-9
Anderson, Ada M. Probate 395
Anderson, Albers Probate 5255
Anderson, Albin C. Probate 6357
Anderson, Alma Elvera Probate 7034
Anderson, Andrew Probate 2042
Anderson, Anna C. Probate 6322
Anderson, August Probate 2848
Anderson, August Probate 297
Anderson, Axelina A. Probate 1312
Anderson, Betty Probate 2738
Anderson, C. Edwin Probate 7235
Anderson, C.Victor Probate 3795
Anderson, Calvert H. Probate 7568
Anderson, Carl Probate 2603
Anderson, Carl Probate 6205
Anderson, Carl G. Probate 7479
Anderson, Carl Victor Probate 6396
Anderson, Charles J. Probate 3864
Anderson, Charles J. Probate 5100
Anderson, Charles W. Probate 5338
Anderson, Charles W. & Anna J. Guardianship 296
Anderson, Clarence O. Probate 16-396
Anderson, Clarence R. Probate 7324
Anderson, Claus D. Probate 3172
Anderson, Claus Etal Guardianship 1179
Anderson, Claus Gustave Probate 1009
Anderson, Clyde E. Probate 7842
Anderson, Dorice C. Probate PR-91-47
Anderson, Ellen C. Probate 7293
Anderson, Elvera M. Probate 6435
Anderson, Florence Probate 16-439
Anderson, Francis E. Guardianship 7785
Anderson, Fred Probate 2668
Anderson, Gary W. Probate PR-95-13
Anderson, George E. Probate 3409
Anderson, Gust Probate 5992
Anderson, Gustaf Adolph Probate 5591
Anderson, Hannah Probate 5514
Anderson, Helen Johanna Probate PR-98-17
Anderson, Hilda K. Probate 3851
Anderson, Iver A. Probate PR-86-43
Anderson, Jeanette Probate 2113
Anderson, Joe Conservatorship 16-368
Anderson, Joe Probate 16-502
Anderson, John Probate 5337
Anderson, John Probate 76
Anderson, John A. Probate 6601
Anderson, John Albert Probate 5420
Anderson, Leola Probate 85-17-304
Anderson, Lilly Probate PR-93-52
Anderson, Lula Probate 5149
Anderson, Mary Charlotte Probate 3255
Anderson, Melanchthan Luther Determine inheritance tax PR-98-18
Anderson, Minnie M. Probate 7585
Anderson, Nels Probate 4089
Anderson, Nels Probate 7424
Anderson, Oscar W. Probate 5193
Anderson, Peter A. Probate 3885
Anderson, Rachel Conservatorship 6033
Anderson, Rachel Probate 6508
Anderson, Rachel E. Probate PR-90-28
Anderson, Rueben E. Probate 5771
Anderson, Ruth A. Probate PR-92-32
Anderson, Selma Incompetency 3310
Anderson, Sophia Probate 3155
Anderson, Victor F. Probate 3917
Anderson, Walfred Probate 2944
Anderson, Walter S. Probate 7244
Andreasen, Andrew Probate 7302
Andreasen, Della Determine inheritance tax PR-99-48
Andreasen, Soren Probate 6899
Andreason, Hans Probate 3781
Andresen, Hans L. Probate 6616
Andresen, Mary K. Probate 6201
Andrews, William W. Probate 1054
Andrews, William W. Probate 333
Andrews, William W. Probate 791
Angster, Anna M. Probate 3691
Angster, Frank W. Probate 2915
Anpetuwasteioni Probate 1062
Antrim, Amos A. Probate 966
Antrim, Elizabeth Probate 980
Antrim, Leon Etal Guardianship 979
A'Ossey, Allie Daniel Probate PR-00-20
Arens, Amy M. Conservatorship PR-89-21
Arens, Caroline Probate 7052
Arens, Caroline Probate 7697
Arens, Cletus L. Probate 16-548
Arens, Frances P. Probate 85-17-262
Arens, Fred P. Probate 7458
Arens, Gerald Wilfred Guardianship PR-89-7
Arens, John W. Probate PR-91-45
Arens, Mary A. Probate 84-17-190
Arens, Mary Ann Probate PR-99-40
Arens, Mary Ann Etal Guardianship 2984
Arens, William A. Probate PR-88-18
Armbrust, Fay Probate 2610
Armstrong, Francis E. Probate 5903
Armstrong, Francis M. Probate 1725
Armstrong, Hattie B. Probate 3280
Armstrong, Mary E. Probate 1212
Armstrong, S.E. Probate 132
Arneson, Orville H. Probate 16-458
Arnold, Brenda Guardianship 7152
Arnold, Charles S. Probate 3870
Arnson, Edward, Etal Guardianship 2548
Arvidson, Lars J. Probate 1878
Arvidson, Otto A. Probate 505
Ascue, Elizabeth & Helen Guardianship 895
Ash, L.P. Probate 717
Auman, Ethel E. Guardianship 16-443
Ausdemore, John Probate 6198
Ausdemore, Mary Ann Probate 7218
Ausdemore, Theodore J. Probate 5403
Ausdemore, William Guardianship 6126
Ausdemore, William Probate 6737
Ausedemore, Leo J. Probate PR-00-11
Avery, Daniel Austin Probate 1932
Avery, Eunice Probate 3261
Avery, Henry Austin Guardianship 2062
Avery, Henry Austin Probate 3314
Avery, Willis Leroy Incompetency 3262
Ayers, Adaline M. Probate 567
Ayers, Almie T. Probate 2529
Ayers, Charles Probate 6160
Ayers, Ina V. Probate 6936
Ayers, John Probate 1504
Ayers, Niles F. Probate 7066
Ayers, Peter Probate 3608